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What better way to present the racquet racing models than to elevate them to the center of the stage. Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes competes at the 2016 US National Snowshoe Championships as a contributing sponsor for his first foray into the nation’s iconic snowshoe event. This year’s races promise to be so big! Not only will the athletes compete on their schedule of choice over the weekend of February 26-28 and visit two major resorts in Ogden, Utah, but they are ushering in a major new milestone in history. snowshoe races:

Newly introduced, the new Yukon Charlie’s® Race Ultra-Lite ™ “designed from the ground up” for a high-performance lightning-fast racer. . . and adorned with Lime signifying lower travel times.

Powder Mountain Resort Saturday, February 27, for the Men’s and Women’s 10K National Championships, Citizen Races and the Children’s Kilo Run.

Snowbasin Resort Sunday February 28, for the inaugural national marathon championship to be coupled with the second annual half marathon championship.

Legendary Mark Elmore, Sporting Director of the United States Snowshoe Association, said, “USSSA is pleased to see Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes unveil new racing models this season, and we are delighted to partner with them to promote this premier. effort.

Yukon Charlie’s said, “We are delighted to partner with the USSSA team to strengthen our vision of meeting the need for high quality snowshoes at a reasonable cost. We are confident that this partnership will strengthen our presence in the outdoor industry by providing consumers with affordable, high-quality racquets.

Yukon Charlie’s presents some of the most innovative products for snow fun: just announced the new Yukon Charlie’s® Race Ultra-Lite™. New engineering produced the company’s lightest snowshoe built on a frame [see inflatable snowshoe below]. Using Rapid-Lite Flexbindings associated with Sprintcrampons provide athletes with a racquet designed to go fast on groomed and technical championship courses.

Yukon Charlie Elite Women's Snowshoes

The elite female model of the Yukon Charlies

For racing, check out the Elite series. Elite models for women use a design “to be slimmer in size for a more natural stride”. According to Yukon Charlie’s, the Elite Series display “is quite simply the best snowshoe we’ve ever made. Lightweight, strong, efficient. Men’s models click here. Runners also use the Pro model shown in the photo above, which features Yukon Charlie’s lightest and strongest frame for a “first performer”.

For all terrains, the Advanced Series will run in the toughest conditions by the most demanding athletes.

Then the shock of the industry, Airlift emergency inflatable rackets; light [well, how much does air really weigh?] and durable, use these red rock and rollers when the snow gets really deep or something goes wrong. Cool like everything on the trail, they’re sturdy with an inner bladder for air and a solid exterior to handle the vicissitudes of snowshoe trails. The packaging includes both a hand pump and a storage bag for easy transport.

Who's the first to line up for a snowshoe race with these bad boys?  Yukon Charlie doesn't recommend it, so watch out for runners, but the excitement might be worth it.

Who’s the first to line up for a snowshoe race with these bad boys? Yukon Charlie’s doesn’t recommend it, so watch out for runners, but the excitement might be worth it.

Tipping issues for storing and traveling with long poles with these Yukon Flipout hiking poles. These foldable trekkers deploy quickly, include a quick lockout, and promise extreme stability. Choose aluminum with red / silver colors or upgrade with lighter blue / gray carbon.

An addition to the pack of long snowshoes, the Yukon Charlie emergency shovels with the ability to store them easily. Then there’s the sensational Hammerhead Sled, which looks quite like a hot rod Porsche for snow. With its unique steering system, high density polyethylene rear skis and futuristic design, YC’s claim can be proven: “When it’s that fast, it’s not just sledding. “

For the first time in the history of his country, competitors only have to join the association [here] participate in these races. Online or at the USSSA center during the championships will be easier. Qualifying races from the previous year are not necessary this year; call it a gift to runners celebrating this sweet sixteenth year of the National Racquet Championships.

Expect the best snowshoers in North America to take the start with enthusiasts from around the world. The opportunity awaits everyone to compete in several events on the program. Work the schedules in your favor. Don’t pass up a chance to attend an event on this historic weekend.

Each participant considers that the experience of the national racing championships is a trophy of life; the ability and health to participate in these events, whether one is a medalist or not. Call it the lessons learned from famous snowshoe racer Cindy Brochman whose memory lives on each year with the award for presenting the person of the year in snowshoes. Recognizing the best leaders in the sport, this year’s award promises a special element to commemorate the history of national racket racing.

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