Your Guide to Cold Weather Clothing from Mountain Hardwear

Even though we live for the summer, cold weather activities are something we look forward to as the seasons change. Whether you enjoy spending the winter months skiing, snowboarding, camping, or tackling a tough winter hike, durable and reliable gear can really make or break your experience. Let’s be honest, once your hands start to go numb, you end up spending more time in the lodge drinking hot coconut than in the mountains – and hand and foot warmers can’t get you far. To get the most out of your winter recreation, and above all to make it last, check out the high quality and durable equipment from Mountain Hardwear.

The best of Mountain Hardwear

Whether you are looking for a new winter jacket for high mountain activities, matching bib pants, a more casual insulation layer to wear around town, or a bag designed for your most rigorous adventures, Mountain Hardwear has it covered. should. Since the creation of the brand in 1993, winter has been part of its DNA. The brand supplies some of the best athletes in the world like climbers Kyra Condie and Garrett Madison – and if the equipment holds up to what they can throw at it, it’s safe to say your relatively smooth excursion won’t come close to testing its limits.

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