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The ski season is still in its infancy and snowshoe sales are exploding in Mount Washington and in the businesses of Comox Valley.

“We have an online rental system for the snowshoes, and they go pretty fast from what I’ve heard,” said Kayla Stockton, Mountain Marketing Manager.

Blue Toque Sports in Courtenay, which sells used and new racquets, is struggling to meet demand for racquets.

“This year we have already sold double what we sold before in just a month and a half of snow,” said Damien Jannet, an employee of Blue Toque. “Even rentals, people now book a week in advance.

The story is similar to Ski Tak Hut, also located in downtown Courtenay, where snowshoes and cross-country skis have been popular items this winter.

“Those sales, I think across Canada, sold out. I can’t restock, I can’t buy anymore, ”said Cam McDonald, Ski Tak Hut partner. “I haven’t had a single racket here since before Christmas.

“They are still selling. Usually in January I couldn’t buy from suppliers anymore. But this year was much earlier. I couldn’t buy anything in November.

Jannet notes a number of reasons why snowshoeing is suitable for all walks of life: It is a relatively risk-free activity that is ideal for people on a budget or for those who do not have the skills to ski. or snowboarding.

“It’s a great sport,” he said. “It’s a bit like hiking and going into nature.

He also notes that many people who ventured south for the winter are at home this year, following non-essential travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

“That’s exactly the snowshoe population,” he says.

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