Snowshoe Finns create temporary artwork on golf course

HELSINKI (AP) – A fleeting work of art made with thousands of footsteps in the snow has drawn attention near the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

Under the direction of Janne Pyykko, local resident and amateur artist, 11 snowshoe volunteers printed a series of intricate geometric patterns on a golf course. Together, the patterns create a pattern with a central starfish-like figure surrounded by six huge snowflakes.

The artwork, which was completed in two days, measures approximately 160 meters (525 feet) in diameter. Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat said it could be the biggest snow drawing ever made in the Nordic country.

“It was both a social challenge and a visual challenge,” Pyykko, who draws inspiration from visual effects and has already created smaller illustrations of snow himself, told The Associated Press.

With a social challenge, he spoke of the ability to inspire and lead the group to create the artwork based on a strict geometric design by computer, as shown in a YouTube video. posted by Pyykko.

At the site, the group used measuring and helper ropes to help build and maneuver the rounded figures.

Pyykko said “there is something in the human brain that likes the round shape” and added that the design is best observed from the air. He noted that mapping out patterns for snowshoers in a defined area of ​​the Lofkulla golf course required a lot of ground planning.

The work was designed to be temporary, lasting only until the next snowfall or high winds clear the footprints.

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