Riders Republic Wingsuit not unlocking and bugs on snow gear issues

Riders Republic is a sports video game from Ubisoft released on October 28. It allows players to enjoy five different sports, including snowboarding, wingsuit flight, skiing, mountain biking, and rocked wing suit.

However, lately two new issues with this video game have emerged that make it unplayable for some gamers.

Riders Republic Wingsuit does not unlock

Airplay and Wingsuit are the fun part of this video game that lets you fly and explore the open world of sports.

To access the Wingsuit, you must unlock it by earning 30 stars which can be obtained by completing races or playing in multiplayer mode.

However, some players are complaining that they cannot unlock the Wingsuit in Riders Republic even if they are eligible for it with more than enough stars.

Here are some reports for reference:


I have over 140 stars in Riders Republic so I should have had access to the wingsuit for a while now. The only ones I have access to are the funkies (which suck), and the game always tells me to unlock classic wingsuits by “earning XP”. Has anyone been through this? No idea how to fix it. (Source)

I have a bug where I can’t enter the first air event, so I can’t unlock air gear. Anyone have a solution, I understand some people have had this problem with other sports but can’t find a solution! (Source)

As multiple reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) show, this Wingsuit not unlocking issue appears to be widespread and affects many Riders Republic players.

Fortunately, Ubisoft’s support team has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and said the team is currently investigating it. However, there is no ETA for a fix.


Riders Republic snow equipment issue

On the other hand, some players are complaining about buggy Snow Gear, which also makes the game unplayable. According to reports (1, 2, 3), whenever players try to equip Snow Gear, the game does not unlock the space on the wheel.

Here are some reports for reference:

Hi everyone, I started playing and unlocked the winter sports career. But, when I try to equip snow clothes, the game does not unlock the space on the wheel. A known fix for this? I saw this is a common problem, but I can’t figure out how to overcome it. Thanks in advance. (Source)

So I just did the snowboard tutorial and now the game forces me to start the first snow event, I can’t do anything other than press the buttons the game tells me to do. He then tells me to equip the snowgear but when I bring the “sport” menu the snow gear is blocked and I cannot equip it. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? (Source)

Due to this bug where players cannot choose the Snow Gear, they cannot progress beyond the sports wheel tutorial.

Fortunately, this issue has been recognized by Ubisoft support as well and they said the team is currently reviewing it.


Additionally, the support team said they were able to work around the issue by resetting individual accounts and asked those affected to submit their Ubisoft username along with a description of the situation to get additional assistance.

We hope Ubisoft fixes these two annoying bugs with Riders Republic soon and when they do, we’ll update this space with new information, so stay tuned.

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