Bike lanes and riding styles have changed in recent years and the construction of large bikes is advancing

Over a decade ago, there was a penchant for downhill or straight-line driving which was most popular for fat bike and mountain bike passionate. With more and more people now turning to the mountain biking experience to relax, true aficionados have turned to steeper and harder to navigate terrain as they seek peace and seclusion to find their way. loosen. Once uninhabited trails, many are now overrun with non-cycling enthusiasts who only use the trails as a brief diversion.

RSD Bikes of Toronto, ON, which was and is run by mountain bikers themselves understands the needs of true mountain bikers. With that in mind, they produced the Mayor fat bike which is more stable, more durable, more efficient and, of course, more comfortable to ride. The Mayor fat bike can easily traverse all types of terrain, from dirt trails to snowy trails.

The mayor’s fat bike is a type of bicycle that lasts all year round and is known as “big rig”. Big Rig bikes are intended for year round use and are more adaptable to all types of weather conditions and trails. From mud and rocks, to snow and sleet, the technology’s makeup provides stability and security.

Low PSI loads are no longer in favor of true fat bike enthusiasts, as they want to ride all year round, not just when the weather is fine or the track conditions are optimal. Higher PSI loads are also effective uphill or even on sandy trails.

A simple exchange of wheels and tires is also possible on newer types of fat bikes to give them even more variety in riding adventures. RSD can provide the knowledge and technology for big bikes with interchangeable tires, and the whole bike device is now more suited to functionality in all kinds of rides.

RSD Bikes uses geometry to ensure the stability of the construction and offers the choice of titanium or aluminum in all their big bikes but above all in the Mayor range of bikes. Both titanium and aluminum are both durable and surprisingly lightweight for portability.

The styles and models of forks will of course determine the price of a one-year-old fat bike like the Mayor range offered by RSD Bikes. However, customer service representatives offer consultations and are available for any questions. There is also a limited warranty which can be viewed on the RSD website.

RSD bikes are fat bike enthusiasts themselves and bring that passion to their entire range of bikes, especially the latest Mayor fat bike models. Hop on a dream fat bike today and experience fat bike thrills that you never imagined possible with an RSD bike.

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes only exists since 2012 but are known for their quality and stability of the bikes. The business was started by cycling enthusiasts and is still run by cycling enthusiasts. A new product line, the Mayor fat bike is extremely popular with serious cyclists. There is a chat line, email and phone for contact, as well as specs for all bikes on the website. An FAQ exists to guide you in choosing a bike.

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