Snowshoe market is expected to register rapid growth

Certain metrics are provided in the Snowshoes market report which greatly helps in defining the business goals. It gives a clear picture of the market growth of certain regions. It also sets the right direction for the business and provides a successful market strategy useful in the market today. It also explains how to regularly […]


Blueberries and snowshoes: bikers gain momentum despite challenges from COVID-19

Breadcrumb Links Sports Local sports Author of the article: Laura Young for Sudbury Star Release date : August 12, 2021 • August 12, 2021 • 3 minutes to read • Join the conversation The members of STARA, the Sudbury Trail and Adventure Riders Association, have always put on their helmets and gone to enjoy the […]


Looking at the past His horse wore snowshoes; hundreds of deer could not move

Lee epps Norwegian emigration, part 9 “The new generation lacks both the knowledge and the imagination to grasp the real conditions of life as experienced by the pioneers,” Hjalmar Holand wrote in 1920 of Norwegian pioneers in southeast Minnesota. Hard work was a no-brainer, but these pioneers were at the mercy of time, bugs and […]

Snowshoeing trails

8 of the best snowshoe trails across Montreal

Vodka Summit comes from the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and uses only the best that Canada has to offer. Made with 100% winter wheat and distilled 5 times for exceptional sweetness, it’s no wonder that Summit Vodka received 93 points in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2020. It is arguably the best time in […]

Snowshoeing gear

Best snowshoes and snowshoe equipment of 2021

19 items in this article 2 items on sale! Photo: Camerique / Getty Images With many of your favorite indoor spots still closed, you may be looking for new ways to entertain yourself outdoors. Snowshoeing is the perfect solution. It is a sport accessible to all ages, morphologies and skill levels. And unlike a lot […]

Snowshoeing trails

These are the best snowshoe trails in Ontario. Here’s how to find them

Freshly fallen powder may once have inspired the desire to put on skis and hit the slopes, but this year is also the perfect weather for a calmer, more relaxing and more accessible pursuit that has won over athletes. elite and nature lovers: snowshoeing. “It’s really accessible,” says Sasha Gollish, assistant professor at the University […]

Snowshoeing trails

Snowshoe trails and events near Chama, New Mexico • Snowshoe Mag

Taking advantage of a foot of powder, we snowshoeed under a clear blue sky in the small town of Chama, New Mexico. Our favorite snowshoeing spot was Edward Sargent Wildlife Sanctuary, just a 5 minute drive north of Chama. We were practically alone except for a few snowshoers in the distance, and could quietly enjoy […]

Snowshoeing trails

More snowshoe trails around Mount Hood, Oregon • Snowshoe Magazine

Not far from the government camp area trails that I described in a recent article on is another group of trails near the town of Hood River. Not for the faint of heart, although I’ve included, to the best of my ability, hikes of all skill and endurance levels. For this reason, I have […]

Snowshoeing adventures

Bellevue tackles ‘nature deficit disorder’ with snowshoe adventures

In order to connect people with the outdoors, the town of Bellevue is offering snowshoe adventures as part of its weekly Tuesday Trails program this winter. “Snowshoeing is one of those great activities where beginners can learn it quickly,” said Carrie Sabochik, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator at the City of Bellevue Parks and Community Services. “It’s […]

Snowshoeing trails

The 8 Best Snowshoe Trails in Washington State

In the middle of winter, there’s no better way to see the frigid scenery outside than by snowshoeing and cruising the trails. Sure, it’s approaching 30 degrees, but have you seen the enchanting landscapes at this time of year? Washington especially has some dreamy scenery this season, with both mountains and an evergreen forest covered […]