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Biden administration describes potentially sweeping changes to student loan forgiveness and repayment programs

WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 24: US President Joe Biden delivers remarks from the State Dining Room … [+] from the White House on September 24, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images) Getty Images The Biden administration is preparing to move forward with a process to enact potentially sweeping changes to […]

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Best Student Loan Refinance Lenders For Parents August 2021 – Forbes Advisor

PenFed, short for Pentagon Federal Credit Union, offers student loan refinancing through a partnership with Purefy, an online-only student loan provider. Students can refinance their parents’ loans and take responsibility for repayment, or parents can refinance their own loans. You will need to become a member of PenFed Credit Union in order to refinance once […]

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What to do if you’re one of 16 million student loan borrowers left in limbo after your maintenance department closes

Navient, the largest student loan company in the United States, is not renewing its government contract. Almost 16 million borrowers in total will have their loans transferred to new businesses by next year. Keep copies of all relevant student loan documents now in case they get lost during the transition. Learn more about Personal Finance […]


Snowshoes and Canadian First Nations • Snowshoe Magazine

Snowshoes and Canadian First Nations seem to be indelibly linked. From their first form, snowshoes have become an essential item for walking comfortably on snow. They allowed the wearer to hunt in winter without slipping or sinking, sometimes over long distances. In addition, the snowshoes helped the wearer to explore and discover the surrounding territory. […]

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Student loan forgiveness will not be available to these borrowers

President Joe Biden (Photo by Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images) Getty Images The student loan exemption will not be available for these student loan borrowers. Here’s what you need to know. Student loans If there are more student loan cancellations, it’s clear who this will help. Democrats in Congress and President Joe Biden agree there […]

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If you are refused forgiveness for a student loan, do so

WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 24: US President Joe Biden listens during a Quad Leaders Summit in the … [+] East Room of the White House on September 24, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Sarahbeth Maney-Pool / Getty Images) Getty Images The cancellation of student loans continues to be a topic of debate as millions […]

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What to do while waiting for news on student loan forgiveness

sorry340 | iStock | Getty Images It has now been more than seven months since President Joe Biden asked the United States Department of Justice to review its legal authority to cancel student debt. The agency has yet to release its findings. And although Main Democrats argue that the president can cancel debt through executive […]