Snowshoeing gear

Best snowshoes and snowshoe equipment of 2021

19 items in this article 2 items on sale! Photo: Camerique / Getty Images With many of your favorite indoor spots still closed, you may be looking for new ways to entertain yourself outdoors. Snowshoeing is the perfect solution. It is a sport accessible to all ages, morphologies and skill levels. And unlike a lot […]

Snowshoeing trails

These are the best snowshoe trails in Ontario. Here’s how to find them

Freshly fallen powder may once have inspired the desire to put on skis and hit the slopes, but this year is also the perfect weather for a calmer, more relaxing and more accessible pursuit that has won over athletes. elite and nature lovers: snowshoeing. “It’s really accessible,” says Sasha Gollish, assistant professor at the University […]