Unlike its other competitors, GenScripts Pharmacy have up-front pricing structure so clients will not get sudden additional charges. It also serves the self-pay patient in an exclusive manner; self-pay patients are customers who pay for prescriptions out-of-pocket and purchase even without the benefit of insurance.

Clients can save hundreds of dollars by choosing to go with the services of GenScripts Pharmacy.

The services are unique due to the fact that they will only pay attention to a self-pay customer. The goal is provide the prescription needs of the patients on a personal level using their own pharmaceutical care system. As a standard procedure one can provide their prescription first and then ask for the price. Clients can phone in at 918-835-2112 and decide if the price that has been quoted is fair enough.

Can clients still fill in the prescriptions even if they have insurance?

Clients are still allowed to fill in their prescriptions but it must be known that the company will not process the insurance claims. The pharmacy is willing to provide information with regards to the rules of filing the claim.

There are instances when the prices of the medicine at GenScripts Pharmacy is more affordable than what is stated in the insurance claims and the company can help clients work around choosing the affordable solution.

The prices are usually 50% off which means you can have huge savings compared when buying at local pharmacies. The prices are even lower than the generics usually sold in Canada.

The pharmacy is able to do this due to the fact they do not have to get in touch with third party discounts, they do not have to worry about time consuming insurance hassles and because of that they are able to offer reasonable prices.

This Broken Arrow Pharmacy is also able to provide both brand name and generic drugs.

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