Okay, so you want a strong and lean body. I get it. You’re already using boxing for fitness or you’re interested in the benefits of this wonderful tactic for awesome results. You’ve come to the right place. So today, I’m going to share 5 secrets that’s going to take your fitness boxing routine and conditioning results to the stratosphere. So what are they:

1. Gone with the wind.

Instead of a 3-5 mile boxing jog, do wind sprints and hill sprints. Do you want to look like a marathon runner with a tiny frame and no muscle? Wind sprints and hill sprints will take your boxing for fitness routine to a whole other level. Do 6-20 sprints of 25, 50 or 100 yards. Take a 1-2 minute break between sprints.

2. Interval training is ultimate for fitness boxing.

Boxers and martial artists are super ripped and strong because of highly variable stop-and-go motion in their sports. Whatever boxing exercise you’re doing, train in intervals – short bursts of exertion followed by recovery periods.

3. Don’t commit the boxing for fitness cardinal sin – isolating muscles.

Boxing for fitness is super-effective because it works muscles in movements…And many muscle groups at the same time. To have a lean, muscular, powerful body that works as a unit, do boxing for fitness exercises that work your whole-body. These include jump-rope routines, squats, deadlifts, and heavy bag workouts.

4. Go to the boxing for fitness carnival.

Make your boxing for fitness a freak show. Have fun with it. Don’t stick to the same workouts. If you’re doing heavy bag workouts all the time, switch it up to caveman training routines. Changing your training variables every 4-8 weeks is proven to deliver max results. Some things you can change:
Exercises type, number of reps, rest period between exercises, speed, resistance, and many more.

5. Complexes are quite simple.

Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the truth. Professional boxers get unparalleled fitness results because they combine exercises. Complexes are where you take a rep of different exercises and do them in a sequence together. An awesome boxing for fitness complex is the barbell complex:

a) deadlift into upright row (in one motion)
b) barbell back to thighs, then pull bar from knees and catch bar at shoulders
c) barbell to floor, then clean & push-press
d) barbell to thighs, bend over, then bent over row
e) barbell back to thighs, Romanian deadlift

Do the sequence 2-3 times and that’s 1 set. Go for 3 sets. So there ya go, 5 easy boxing for fitness secrets for lightening fast results. Incorporate these into your workout and you’ll be pure gold.

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