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Requiring less schooling than that of a licensed pharmacist, a technician performs customer service or administrative duties, answers the telephone, and helps prepare medications for patients. The preparation of prescriptions can include counting and weighing medicine tablets, labeling bottles, and even mixing liquid medicines in some cases. Though some technicians may also be in charge of the maintenance of patient files, this is more generally assigned to aides in the pharmacy. An aide is another position in the pharmacy that requires even less schooling and knowledge than that of a technician.

Those interested in pursuing a pharmacy technician career will find that there are many options for attaining certification. While not all stores require certification for their technicians, the knowledge learned through a certification program will be invaluable on the job. Schooling may also make a candidate more attractive within the hiring pool. It may also make a difference in how much money an employee earns after being hired.

To many students-to-be, school is a daunting and expensive endeavor to be dreaded. However, the World Wide Web is an excellent place to find reasonably-priced programs that don’t even require the hassle of navigating a large campus to attend classes. In the past few years, online programs have evolved to become an attractive and reasonable way to earn a degree or certification without ever having to leave the comfort of home. This can cut down on the costs of gas and parking, as well as the time wasted traveling to and from school.

For busy adults, online schooling is truly one of the very best ways to change careers or start one. Stay-at-home moms, those without reliable access to a vehicle, working adults, and others uninterested in traditional brick-and-mortar universities may be surprised at the number of online options, as well as their flexibility. Some programs allow students to work at their own pace. Other programs offer rigorous courses that allow a student to graduate in just a few short months with a degree or certification.

Whether you’re a student just starting out after high school or starting over after a hectic or frustrating career, it’s easy to find a program to help get you off on the right foot in a pharmacy technician career. Online courses can be found fairly easily online. Usually, these programs provide access to a counselor that can answer questions about tuition cost, program length, and more via email or telephone. It’s a good idea to check to see if the program is accredited before pursuing courses at that school.

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