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Diabetic Foot Disease often occurs in winter with a higher risk, especially for elderly patients with Diabetes who should pay special attention to foot care. The incidence of Diabetic Foot Disease in winter is 2.8 times higher than that of other seasons. It is caused by different temperature between indoor and outdoor, leading to increase of vasoconstriction. In winter, the incidence of foot disease in the North is much higher than that in the south. If the Diabetes patients feel cold or numb in hands and feet, they should pay close attention to it because it is likely to be symptoms of Diabetic foot!

What are the causes of Diabetic Foot Disease?

First, Diabetic Chronic Peripheral Vascular Disease. Chronic Peripheral Blood Disease will cause gradual narrowing of vascular lumen, drop of blood pressure in foot and gangrene when there is trauma, infection or climate change. Peripheral vascular disease will cause a series of symptoms such as numbness, pain on lower limbs and short walking distance.

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This winter, the Florida citrus industry is in real danger thanks to a disease-carrying insect called the Asian citrus psyllid. This tiny insect is spreading a disease called -greening,’ which continues to spread across Florida and threaten the state’s vital citrus industry, which generates approximately $9 billion dollars.

The disease, affecting lemons, limes, grapefruit, kumquat, and tangerine trees, is characterized by discoloration of the trees and fruit, with rotten seeds on the inside, makes the fruit completely inedible. The trees that produce the fruit typically succumb to the disease and die after a few years.

Florida isn’t the only state that is at risk for citrus greening. According to the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, the disease has put citrus growers in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California at risk.

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Prostate cancer affects a substantial number of men and is widely regarded as being the male equivalent that breast cancer is for women. In the United States in 2010, somewhere in the vicinity of 217,730 new cases were diagnosed and 32,050 deaths occurred as a result of prostate cancer.

Like all cancers, early detection is very important with prostate cancer. If diagnosed early, prostate cancer can usually be restricted to the prostate gland itself and a successful cure the outcome.

There are two standard tests used to diagnose prostate cancer: they are the prostate specific antigen (PSA) and the digital rectal examination (DRE). These tests are relatively effective in indicating any presence of prostate cancer.

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Most people do not enjoy taking medications, though they are a part of life for many people. Just about everyone will take medications at some point in their life, even if it is just temporary. No matter what your need for the pharmacy is, you should know some certain factors about the pharmacy. When you know these things you will get just the service you are looking for.

The first thing you should know is that the pharmacist needs to know about all your allergies. You do not want to end up taking a medication you are allergic to. Medications do not just have one medication in them which is why this is important. Though your doctor should have this information, this can be overlooked, which is why having a pharmacist examine this is also good.

Another thing you will want to think about is telling your pharmacy about all medications that you are taking. You want to pay close attention to this if you have prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy. It is important because it can keep you from taking two medications that do not mix well. You do not want to put yourself in danger with your medications so make sure they are informed.

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